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Training in the installation, programming and maintenance of fire alarm systems production Polon-Alfa

Polon-Alfa company offers training in fire alarm systems produced. They consist of two parts:

1. Issues related to installation, programming and maintenance of conventional fire alarm systems based on a central system IGNIS IGNIS 1000 and 2000.

2. Issues related to installation, programming and maintenance addressable fire alarm systems-based headquarters POLON 4000 series system.

The whole training lasts four days, part of which is devoted to IGNIS 1000, the first day, and the issues associated with the system are discussed POLON 4000 for another 3 days.

Central IGNIS IGNIS 1000 and 2000 are provided primarily for use in small buildings. IGNIS system, due to the use of conventional zones is simpler to install and program. To central conventional detectors are used a series of 40 (eg. DOR-40)

The fire alarm system POLON 4000 includes exchanges of various sizes, making it possible to safeguard objects of small, medium (POLON 4100), large (POLON 4200), and even very large, extensive facilities (POLON 4900). Central communicate through loops surveillance with a wide range of detectors series 4043, 4046 and the 6046th Training also includes the presentation of the new system for the implementation of smoke UCS 6000.

People with little experience in the field of automatic fire protection facilities can participate in both training. In this way, you gain more complete knowledge.


Place of training:

Headquartered Polon-Alfa S.A. (formerly Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp. k.)
Training room
ul. Glinki 155, 85-861 Bydgoszcz

GPS:     53°5'38.363"N, 18°2'50.892"E lub    
            53.0939900°N, 18.0474700°E

Public transport:

Bus numbers 53 and 68 in the direction Glinki Bydgoska Fabryka Mebli (Glinki BFM) other Park Przemysłowy (53 P), stop named Polon.



tel. +48 52 36 39 265
faks +48 52 36 39 264


Signup for training after completing and submitting Application form (pdf) electronically. The form can be in the format pdf, jpg, bmp, png or sent by fax.


To register for the training please send the "Application Form" on the same website.





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