POLON-ALFA S.A. as a manufacturer of fire alarm systems and dosimetry equipment performs warranty and post-warranty repairs paid for goods sold.

Shipping Product for repair
1. These products should be packaged in original packaging for safe shipment; It is permissible to use the repackaging, but it must provide for adequate protection from damage during transport.
2. Adequately protected and packaged goods together with the order of repair (as well as warranty cards for warranty repairs) should be sent at his own expense to the following address:

85-861 Bydgoszcz, ul. Glinki 155


Repair service request may be submitted in any form used by the Client, provided that it contains will be on all the required information:

  • Company Name
  • address
  • NIP
  • the contact details (name, phone fax and e-mail)
  • Product sent a list of serial numbers
  • a description of any damage or symptoms
  • type of repair (repair warranty / charge).

tel. +48 52 36 39 372, +48 52 36 39 375
faks +48 52 36 39 388

Warranty SSP


for fire alarm equipment manufacturing

  1. Polon-Alfa S.A. w Bydgoszczy (hereinafter referred to as the "Manufacturer") warrants proper operation of production units (hereinafter referred to as "products") as described in the instruction manual and maintenance or the Operating Instructions.
  2. For manufactured goods the fire alarm manufacturer's warranty period of 2 years from the date of purchase of the Product. This warranty does not cover fire alarm control panels and other devices withdrawn from production and sold as spare parts for which the warranty period is one year.
  3. The warranty is valid under the following conditions:
    a) Products have been installed and are being used and operated in accordance with the provisions of the documentation supplied by the manufacturer.
    b) Not made any structural changes of Products and repairs themselves.
    c) The installed product is regularly maintained, and these activities are documented.
  4. The warranty covers only defects resulting from causes inherent in the sold product and does not include, in particular:
    a) mechanical damage;
    b) Materials classified as expendable during normal operation, such as a printer strip, fuses, batteries, etc;
    c) defects which are not reported during the period of the guarantee;
    d) defects due to incorrect connection of the supply voltage or improper wiring;
    e) Products in which it is established or other breach of security seals factory;
    f) Product damage resulting from external events, such as fires, floods, strong electrical surges caused by lightning or power line surges, flooding fluids, etc;
    g) damage resulting from the use of accessories and items of equipment Products other than those supplied or recommended by the manufacturer;
    h) the loss of data stored in the memory of Products (such as, for example. Configuration).
  5. Manufacturer obligations under the guarantee covers only the powers set out in the Guarantee. Further claims relating to the disadvantage of Client Products, including claims for damages are excluded, unless the damage resulted from willful misconduct or gross negligence of the manufacturer.
  6. Adequately protected and packaged products with warranty cards, and repair order containing customer data (Sample pattern is available at should be sent at his own expense to the following address:


    85-861 Bydgoszcz, ul. Glinki 155
    z dopiskiem „GOODS TO REPAIR"

  7. Products should be packed in their original packaging ensures a safe transport; It is permissible to use the repackaging, but it must provide for adequate protection from damage during transport.
  8. The manufacturer is not liable for loss or damage Products damaged during transport due to improper preservation and packaging of outgoing products.
  9. Product qualification for warranty repair is carried out by the manufacturer on the basis of submitted documents and inspection of the Products. No warranty card or other proof of purchase of Products preclude any warranty, subject to the provisions of point. 10.
  10. In the event of failure of the Product qualification warranty card for warranty repair can take place, at the discretion and choice of the manufacturer, based on encoded in the serial number of the Product the date of manufacture of precision as to the quarter.
  11. If the reported defect of the Product does not exist or is not covered by the warranty company reserves the right to charge the costs of expertise specified in the price list including the costs of return transportation. The operations described in the manual, belonging to the normal operational service Products, in particular, such as cleaning, maintenance, replacement of fuses, check the operation does not belong to the manufacturer warranty obligations and may be made by the Manufacturer only consideration.
  12. The manufacturer shall, unless the defect is covered by a guarantee of quality:
  13. a) Warranty to consider the application as soon as possible, the repair time as a rule, should be no longer than 14 working days from the date of delivery of Products with the order repair;
    b) repair or replace the product with a new or equivalent in terms of technical parameters of their choice;
    c) to cover the cost of transporting the repaired products to the customer.
  14. The provisions for guarantee do not apply.
  15. Any disputes arising from the guarantee shall be settled by the general court competent for the seat manufacturer.



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