Visualization system

Gemos "SMART"

GEMOS "Smart" is a software designed to manage the security of the facility in the field of surveillance and visualization of elements of the POLON 4000 fire detection system. On the computer screen, on the premises plan, the status of all the POLON detection and execution elements is indicated. It also allows for remote acknowledgement or reset the system. GEMOS Smart supports the security services of the facility by displaying predefined emergency procedures in case of emergency. Eligible users, such as the user and the administrator of the object, have the ability to view the history of events and actions taken by the security services according to any search criteria, and to generate reports according to established templates. GEMOS is an efficient tool that assists in the creation and modification of facility protection plans as well as in effectively and effectively raising the level of building safety.

The GEMOS "Smart" range of applications is dedicated to small to mid-sized objects where one maintenance post is planned for later expansion.

GEMOS "Smart" is scalable and flexible, easy to keep up with, and changing user needs. It can be upgraded to the GEMOS Standard version, which is a more advanced management system for more different security systems. They are, for example, access control, intrusion and fire alarm systems, CCTV systems, other fire alarm systems, communication systems, various building automation systems, etc. The expansion is possible at any time and involves the purchase of additional licenses or GEMOS hardware components.

Integrated systems

FAS (Polon 4000, Polon 6000)

Number of operated client stations


The number of supported panels


Communication protocole


Operating system

Windows XP, Windows 7

Internal hard drives

1 x 500 GB HDD

Screen menu

languages: Polish


password to access

Hardware requirements

min. 2GB RAM

min. 500GB of hard drive free space

File name Description  


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