GSM Service Transmitter



GSM service transmitter TSG-1 is a device that enables to send SMS information about all events recorded by the control panel made by POLON-ALFA. It can also monitor any device which is equipped with potential free relay output. The transmitter uses GSM network and SIM card putted inside the device.

Rules regarding cooperation with control panels

GSM service transmitter TSG-1 can cooperate with POLON 4100, POLON 4200, POLON 4500, POLON 4900 fire alarm control panels. For the communication serial port RS-232 and the PMC-4000 protocol are used.

The transmitter is also equipped with two inputs to use for the connection of any device equipped with relay or open collector output that makes short to ground. Thereby conventional control panel IGNIS 1000/2000 made by POLON-ALFA, control panels made by other manufacturer or intrusion control panels can be connected to the transmitter.

For the transmitter configuration dedicated computer application should be used. The application can be downloaded from The transmitter should be connected to the computer with the standard mini USB cable which is a kit with the transmitter. The application enables to save from one to five phone numbers to which SMS event notification with will be sent.


For the transmitter configuration dedicated PolonGSM computer application should be used. Currently, for all new transmitters must download the PolonGSM_v1.1. software version. PolonGSM v1.0 version supports only TSG transmitters with software version 1.0.  Before installing the software, you  have to install a driver TSG. These programs are available in the table below in files to download.


Detection line isolation resistance

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File name Description  


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