Fire alarm control panel

POLON 4100


The POLON 4100 control panel is recommended for protection of various types of buildings, especially small size premises such as hotels, office buildings, banks, warehouses, historical buildings, „intelligent” buildings,etc. The possibility of addressing linear elements allows the identification of the place of fire with an accuracy of a single detector. The control panel allows also control and monitor of external security devices such as gates fire, smoke vents, etc. and to provide information about the fire to the monitoring station in both digital and analog version. After receiving the alarm signal, depending on the programmed alarm variant, the POLON 4100 control panel activates signalling devices and output relays inside the control panel as well as control lines in the form of linear control units.


Product characteristics


Cooperating elements:
The  4040 model range addressable fire detectors:

  • optical smoke DUR,
  • optical smoke DOR,
  • rate-of-rise heat TUP,
  • multi-sensor DOT,
  • multi-sensor DPR,
  • wireless DUR-4047,

The  40 model range conventional fire detectors: (on the side line by the ADC-4001M adapter):

  • heat and flame TOP,
  • flame (UV) PUO,
  • intrinsically safe (according to the manufacturer's instructions),

  • beam smoke DOP

manual call points (buttons):

  • indoor ROP-4001M,
  • outdoor ROP-4001MH

control devices:

  • input/output device EKS-4001
  • multi-output control device EWS-4001,
  • multi-input supervising device EWK-4001


  • side line adapter ADC-4001M,
  • wireless detector adapter ACR-4001

addressable signalling device SAL-4001
parallei indication terminal TSR-4000

Supply voltage: main


Supply voltage: standby

2pcs. 12V 17Ah to 22Ah

Max. quiescent current consumption


Numer of alarming variants


Signaling lines (potential)


Number of detectors in line


Detection line isolation resistance

or more

Relay outputs

potential free in control panle 3 load 1A 30V

Number of detection lines


Number of monitoring lines


Number of detection zones


Operating temperature range

from -5°C to 40°C

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