Gas detection control panel

CDG 6000

CDG 6000 - Addressable gas detection control panel


          The CDG 6000 Addressable Gas Detection Panel is designed to signal the leakage of combustible gases (CNG, LPG) and dangerous concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO), upon receipt of information from its associated PSG-6000 gas detectors. The control panel can operate with up to 16 addressable gas detectors PSG-6000. By means of built-in monitoring lines it is possible to control the status of controlled external signalling and control devices.



The CDG 6000 gas detection control panel enables:

• control and signal the leakage of combustible gases (CNG, LPG) and dangerous concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO),
• detection and signalling of exceeding alarm thresholds of gas concentration,
• automatic closing of the gas shut-off valve,
• automatic activation of outputs to external signalling and control devices,
• monitor of the status of external devices,
• automatic control of internal circuits,
• digital transmission of information to the POLON 6000 fire alarm system.

Design of the control panel:

The CDG 6000 is equipped with:

• 1 detection line allowing the connection of a maximum of 16 addressable gas detectors type PSG-6000,
• 4 relay outputs for controlling external signaling and control devices,
• 1 output to control the gas shut-off valve,
• 4 monitoring lines to monitor the status of external devices,
• output to power external devices or gas detectors with a current load of 0.5 A / 12 V

Addressable gas detectors:

Gas detection control panel CDG 6000 can cooperate with addressable gas detectors PSG-6000:


        Detected gas

  External DC power  


 CNG (natural gas-methane) 

        9 V ÷ 30 V DC


      LPG (propane-butane)

          9 ÷ 30 V DC


       CO (carbon monoxide)

          9 ÷30 V DC


       CO (carbon monoxide)

  loop powered


Technical data :

 Main supply vltage

 230 V AC

 Backup power supply source

 12 V 2.3 Ah Battery

 Maximum supply current

 150 mA

 Current drawn from the batteries during the stand-by (control panel)

 < 100 mA

 POLON 6000 system addressable detection line current consumption 

 < 0,6 mA

 Maximum number of detectors in a detection line


 Relay outputs

 potential free in the control panel: 4

 load capacity 8 A / 250 V AC,  8 A / 30 V DC  

 Cut-off valve control output

 12 V / 11 A

 Number of detection lines


 Number of control lines


 External power supply line

 0,5 A / 12 V DC

 Operatin temperature

 od  -10 °C do  + 55 °C

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