How should the line be routed to the sirens? Any disputes arising from the guarantee shall be settled by the general court competent for the seat manufacturer.

This line should be made cable with the appropriate class of PH. Power to the lights should be carried out using appropriate installation cans equipped with a ceramic terminal blocks and appropriate protection

Why element EKS-4001 OUTPUT reports of damage, although it was not connected?

Control command element EKS-4001 is equipped with a control system continuity of output, by default it is enabled hardware and software.
No connect OUTPUT, break the circuit or reversed polarity will result in an injury.
In the case where it is not required to supervise the control circuit inside the module EKS-4001 programmatically disable the jumper and disable the control of the continuity of output for a given element EKS-4001 in the menu - Parameters Elements.
When control is required continuity control output must verify the polarity of the wires connected to terminals in the element EKS-4001 or a possible interruption in the cables connecting the controlled device.

What to do when the element EKS-4001 INPUT reports of damage, although it was not connected?

Unused control inputs elements EKS-4001 and EWK-4001, close resistors of 20 Ohms. These resistors are included in the set to the device.



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