POLON-ALFA S.A. is a medium-sized Polish enterprise that has been involved in research & development and production activity in the fire detection and alarm system business for over 60 years.

The company’s beginning dates back to the fifties of the previous century when a laboratory focused on ionisation radiation was established. This workshop created, as the first one in Poland and the third in the world, an ionisation smoke detector in 1962. Its main activity was focused on manufacturing of nuclear radiation measurement devices which are still a part of the company’s production. In the course of time, the firm main business interest was set on fire detection and alarm systems and therefore nowadays Polon-Alfa is the main manufacturer of those devices in Poland and one of the leading ones in Europe.

Polon-Alfa’s main asset is a team of qualified, well trained and experienced engineers who are able to work out and develop very comprehensive state-of-art solution. The company’s assortment is steadily extended and enhanced: nowadays it comprises both conventional and addressable fire detection systems as well as control panels suitable for smoke exhaust controlling installations.

Most attention is given to the product high quality – therefore the company obtained the ISO 9001 quality management system certificate in 1998. All devices manufactured by Polon-Alfa have been approved by the EU notified authorities with EC-Conformity Certificates that confirm that the goods meet the European Standards requirements (in particular the EN 54 standard). The company possesses highly advanced research and quality control equipment including a fire test chamber, which gives a testing possibility in real fire conditions. As the factory specialises in design and production of equipment used in various important fields, some devices are attested by ATEX certificates that confirm their suitability in explosive dangerous conditions. Since 2002 the company has the NATO NCAGE code and approval.

The innovative fire protection systems created and developed by the company have been proved in small premises such as households and small offices or shops as well as in much bigger ones: hotels, office and historical buildings, industrial factories, etc. The devices marked with the POLON-ALFA logotype are installed and secure premises mainly in Poland and in many other countries. The reference list includes such objects as the Warsaw Uprising Museum, Łazienki Palace in Warsaw, University Children’s Hospital in Cracow, British-American Tobacco factory in Augustów, Mercure hotels and many others.

For over twenty five years Polon-Alfa organized the largest in Poland workshop "Fire signaling and automation of SAP," which gather professionals from the broader security industry. The meeting provides an excellent platform for exchange of knowledge and experience related to fire safety.

Polon-Alfa is a member of the Association of Fire Engineers and Technicians and the National Association of Manufacturers of Fire Protection and Rescue Equipment. Both organizations bring together the company with an established position that meets the requirements for the quality of marketed products. For many years, we work to promote fire safety in the community and the environment, as well as give opinions on the work of standardization, unification and typification production.

Working with universities, by participating in the training process, we contribute to the development of future managers and fire industry professionals.

Dynamic product development assured by the young qualified engineering staff and supported by five decade experience confirm that the workers may feel proud of their products highest level expressed in the phrase: POLON-ALFA. LATEST TECHNOLOGY. HIGHEST QUALITY.

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