Authorization companies design and installers

A prerequisite for obtaining authorization by the Company Design and heating contractor is a training-ALFA POLON by at least one representative of the company in terms of system which is to be granted authorization. The second condition that must be met is independent to perform several standard installations or projects based on production equipment POLON-ALFA as to which neither the investor (owner) neither the manufacturer will not have reservations.

Authorization is a confirmation of good preparation companies to provide the services referred to in it, allows you to get us a better position in auctions, requires the manufacturer to recommend Authorised Firms and investors looking for contractors to give us priority in all matters concerning cooperation, including for example. Participation in the Nationwide Workshops "Automatic fire signaling and SAP ".

About the issue, revalidation of the authorization Company Design and heating contractor exists in writing (downloadable forms below), presenting the enclosed list of installations that depending on the scope of the authorization has designed or executed and a list of trained people are still employed in the company.

Expiry of Authorization takes place upon expiration, if the company does not occur Authorized writing of its extension or, if over the last year will not be able to demonstrate at least three new installations achievements.

Currently, issued four separate authorizations include:

  • a conventional system IGNIS 1000/2000,
  • interactive system POLON 4000,
  • distributed system POLON 6000,
  • universal control unit UCS 6000.





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