SAP '2018

SAP 2018

XXVI edition of Nationwide Polish Workshops „Sygnalizacja i Automatyka Pożarowa SAP 2018”  has became to history. The second half of September is a traditional time of biggest meeting of the designers, installers, surveyors and all other people which are involved in fire protection branch to take place. This year Workshops gathered over 400 people again, and they were organised on the modern facilities of Folwark and charmful palace complex in Łochów at Liwiec river.

The essential part of the Workshops was covering most of the matters applied to the main topic – „Fire protection installations according to the actual state of the law” and it met a huge attention.

A new look at fire alarm system design - Mariusz Sobecki, fire protection adjuster

Audits of facilities chich are(not) protected with obligatory fire alarm system – Robert Kuczkowski; PZU LAB, Lodz University of Technology

Fire hazadr during construction and renewal works – Piotr Smardz, fire surveyor

The fire protection goals in the case of their undefinition in building designing guidelines and the law statements – Ryszard Małolepszy, Director of the fire surveyors at Fire Experts and Engineers Assotiation

A new look at fire alarm systems wiring– Anna Romańska-Zapała, Cracow University of Technology

Consumers of fire alarm systems– Przemysław Kubica, The Main School of Fire Service

Maintenance of fire alarm system installations – Edward Skiepko, The Main School of Fire Service

All mentioned above lectures met the big attention and they made a lively discussion not once.

The invited guests had an occasion to be a part of first official presentation of the new production and warehouse hall, which construction had just begun in Bydgoszcz. The president of POLON-ALFA S.A., Mr Dariusz Nagański had discussed about current dynamic company progress and he showed a new production capabilities of the factory, which will be fulfilling constantly raising market expectations to supply our products.

A Technical Support Engineer from POLON-ALFA Marcin Barnat had introduced the odeons with the knowledge how the well designed fire protection looks like and showed the new solutions which will be available in the company offer soon.  Tomasz Olejniczak z AAT HOLDING S.A. discussed the principles and all advantages of the IS VENO Integration software which is aquiring more and more recognition on the market.

A high substantive level of the Workshops, possibilities to make free consultations with the experts of the branch, friendly atmosphere, beautiful landscapes and even more nice Feather – all this made the undisputed success of the XXVI Polish nation-wide Workshops SAP 2018.

We would like to thank sincerelly all of these who did meet us again.

See You next year!


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